Friday, December 17, 2010

Daily Burn

I have seen sites and programs much like Daily Burn before.  These programs can be very useful.  I have used another form of online tracker before and I have also used a tracker on my phone.  I like how simple it is to track your nutrition and progress when it comes to exercising.  This helps you to improve your health by using all the tools that are available.  This site allows you to track bodyweight and sleep as well.

This website could help to accomplish our Recommened Regents Level for LS #1B.  this would be helpful in aiding students to create their own personal fitness plan.  This allows students to set goals for themselves and to excel in many different areas.  This will improve areas such as nutrition and exercise.

An academic tool that we have used throughout the semester has been Picasa.  This could be used to show progress of fitness plans to teachers and easily track progess.  Students can use Picasa to show their work at the end of each week and then at the end of the year show work from each week.  This will help to show the progress that has been made.

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